Tales and Tails -- a poem cycle in progress

After writing many poems in the American ghazal form, I began a new series of poems last summer. Working title, Tales and Tails. The poems are loosely related, song-like, set in a fairytale or possibly future world. The narrative voices are many: grey cat, grey mouse, temple sweeper, courage singer, sorrow sing, merry drunk, morose fool, sword woman, skeleton woman, mother rain, ancient dreamer to name a few. Scribe is a late arrival but in trying to decide which poem to introduce this new work, I chose this one:

scribe song 

the scribe waits under the oak
watching the last leaves fall
some red, some rust, some
holding the green edge of fire 

these are the leaves
these are the leaves
of the ancient book
the story is ending
tell me the story again 

the scribe waits for the river
or mountain, the small brave mouse
or shadowing raven, ready
to write the translation 

these are the wings
these are the feet
of the unwritten book
the story’s beginning
tell me the story again 

the scribe waits, scrapes
the flesh of her story
down to the bone, her own
blood will do for the ink 

this is the bone
this is the blood
of the book she is writing
the story still spinning
tell me the story again