I hope you will enjoy your explorations here. Perhaps they will lead you to real and imaginary worlds.

I recently went to a garden shop and read how I ought to design a garden, with swaths of one kind of flower and rows in graduated heights. I thought: oh, no, I have done it all wrong, planting lots of different plants of varying heights and colors, only noting their preference for full or partial sun or shade.

I don’t know whether my gardens look well-designed or not but I love them, love each plant. I have a lot more experience as a writer, but I still write what calls to me. I don’t fit genres very neatly even when I try to. I also change tack when I need a new challenge. I explore, I get lost. Sometimes I am afraid. I am often surprised. I have fun. I learn to trust the story.

I hope you will have fun here. I hope you will enjoy my work and play—and your own.