Book Group Discussion Questions for Murder at the Rummage Sale

by Elizabeth Cunningham

Murder at the Rummage Sale can be categorized as a cozy mystery.  How does it fit that genre? In what ways does it differ from a traditional cozy?

There are four narrative points of view in the novel, written in the third person. How does the author establish the voice or tone of each character?

This novel is set in a church community that comes together around the annual rummage sale. The church is more than a setting. Most of the characters have religious quandaries. How would you describe these? Which of the characters best expresses your own beliefs or doubts?

What are Gerald’s strengths and weaknesses, as a priest? As a family man?

Like many children, Katherine misunderstands some of the things she hears grownups say. The adults are frequently unaware of these misunderstandings. What are some examples in the novel? In your own life?

How does the theme of parents losing children and children losing parents connect the different characters in the novel?

During life, Charlotte annoys—and even enrages—many people. How do perceptions of her change after her death?

In the last part of the novel, who committed the murder is not the question but rather will anyone believe Anne or Lucy. Have you ever discovered a truth that no one wants to believe?

What drives Anne and Gerald apart? What holds them together? Do you think there is hope for their marriage?

Lucy, quiet and unassuming, perceived as a spinster, has a powerful effect on all the other characters. How do people’s perceptions of Lucy differ from their experience of her. What is the source of her strength?

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