The Book of Madge and Madge Returns Ready to Order!

by Elizabeth Cunningham
The Book of Madge

Dear Friends of Maeve and mine,

Some of you may remember Madge, the bodacious character who took me by surprise, demanding her own novel-in-cartoon before she would consent to appear in a conventional novel–(if The Maeve Chronicles can be called conventional!) The Book of Madge sprang into being during the first Gulf War as commentary and outrageous humor. (“Read my lips” takes on a new meaning.) Busy being Maeve, Madge made no further appearance until…November 8, 2016! Older but just as irreverent, she offers her political wisdom (& smart-ass remarks) in Madge Returns!

The Book of Madge and Madge Returns are now available from Imagination Fury Arts in one limited edition, signed by Madge and me! Order before December 1st for December 14th shipping. Priority mailing is included in the price.

If you haven’t met Madge (she did spend an awfully long time alone on my bookshelf, 26 years!) I hope you will give yourself and others the pleasure. Am I happy or sorry to say that the commentary from 1991 still seems relevant? As for the present times, I believe we all need a friend like Madge. Feel free to forward this email and/or post this link on social media.

Thank you all for your interest and support. Wishing you fortitude and joy!

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