The Maeve Chronicles

by admin

The Maeve Chronicles is a series of award-winning novels featuring the feisty Celtic Magdalen who is no one’s disciple. Each volume can stand alone and the books can be read in any order. For those who like to read chronologically: Magdalen Rising; The Passion of Mary Magdalen; Bright Dark Madonna; Red-Robed Priestess.


My name is Maeve. It rhymes with brave, cave, wave. (I am not going to go through all the rhyming possibilities; some are not as flattering.) I am not going to tell you much about my life. Eliz (as I call her) has already written it down in some detail in The Maeve Chronicles.

MaevenSong: A Musical Odyssey

The musical single malt essence of The Maeve Chronicles, a series of novels featuring the feisty Celtic Magdalen, who ain’t nobody’s disciple. But she sure can sing: Blues, bluegrass, gospel, jazz improvisation. No reading necessary. Songs say it all!