Elizabeth Cunningham

Author of The Maeve Chronicles

A few words from Maeve on words

I’ve been absent from this blog for six weeks, except in the comment section. Elizabeth’s experiment is now complete and we are awaiting results. So I want to say a […]

Untying my tongue

I have spent the last ten days tongue-tied, if such a term can be applied to writing, responding only when necessary to email or messages directed to me on twitter. […]

Maeve on Shame and Shamelessness

“Just like the Eve I hadn’t heard of yet, I saw that I was naked. Shame I hadn’t yet grasped.” -Maeve from Magdalen Rising Elizabeth posted that quotation on Twitter […]

Nashville here we come: words, music, mystery

Maeve thanks everyone for their enthsiastic response to her blog. She will be back, and she will address all suggested topics including shamelessness and another topic that is a too […]

Not According to My Plan

I had planned (yesterday, actually, blog Tuesday) to ask Maeve to write a funny upbeat blog on being a fictional character. That may yet happen. Instead I spent yesterday afternoon […]

Facing the Abyss

A twitter friend answered my request for blog topics with these questions (wording approximate): What makes a good writer? What makes for good writing? A good writer is doubtless sometimes […]