Elizabeth Cunningham

Author of The Maeve Chronicles

The Roses are Remembered: Land Songs

June 25th marked a year since Douglas and I moved from our house in the woods to High Valley  The last time I posted here, I wrote about feeling overwhelmed […]

The Wild Edge: Pondering Succession

The sun has moved far enough to the north that early light now finds the far end of the pond. In early Fall, I’d left this spot for warm sunny […]

News from the Pond

my news: from the pondhis from the wide world beyondwe meet at breakfastI report water lilieshe reports London riots I get up these days around 6:00am and go out to […]

Stranger in a Familiar Land

Of course High Valley is familiar. My first stay was a two week stint at High Valley’s summer camp at age eleven. I was warned then to “stay away from Olga’s […]