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Music Conversation with Tim Dillinger

Music is a key element to the plot of All the Perils of This Night. Katherine grows up singing in the church choir under the tutelage of the fiery Miss […]

The Glorious Mother of the Stars

Solstice News: My album MaevenSong is scheduled for delivery today! The first sung notes are: “This story begins in the night. There will be a dawn, I promise.” The last: […]

Recording MaevenSong

A few months ago Tim Dillinger www.timdillinger.com announced to me: We are going to Nashville to record your album. It sounded natural and inevitable. Though I am not a professional […]

Nashville here we come: words, music, mystery

Maeve thanks everyone for their enthsiastic response to her blog. She will be back, and she will address all suggested topics including shamelessness and another topic that is a too […]