Elizabeth Cunningham

Author of The Maeve Chronicles

Hello, everyone. It’s Maeve speaking, but this is not an official post. I am saying Happy Birthday to Eliz. She had contemplated a birthday post, but I am afraid it would have been about climate change and the clouds of mosquitoes that have prevented her from hiking today and mortality and things like that. I persuaded her not to whinge publicly. (I love that word whinge! Whining is for mosquitoes and chain saws).

If you would like to read a post by Eliz you can go to this link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elizabeth-cunningham/is-god-a-novelist-fiction-spiritual-truth_b_974187.html?ref=tw Our friend Tim Dillinger persuaded her to find out why her Huffpo password had stopped working. For some reason, they gave her a new one, and they published her post “Is God a Novelist?”

But that is not nearly as interesting a question as the one I am going to pose to you now. WWMD? Or if you prefer: WTFWMD? That’s right. What would Maeve do? For my release date post which I will write on November 14th so that it will be in your email box on November 15th, I am going to be answering your questions on that subject. If there are more questions than I can answer in one post, I will keep posting till I answer them all. You can start asking them now in the comment section below or by email, if there is a way to do that from here. (Neither Eliz or I know). You can also tweet your questions on twitter to @EliznMaeve.

5 Responses

  1. Loved your article on Huff. I think I whinge publicly. Oh well. I'm sure Maeve would still encircle me in the fold.

    Wondering, what kinds of questions, anything goes? about her stories, or, if she'd actually pay gas prices today, or something like that?

  2. big assignment Elizabeth! i wonder WTFWMD often… and often i just have to turn my mind to the story… WTFWMD with a daughter she felt distant from… check WTFWMD when she felt unhappy in her marriage… check WTFWMD if she had no money.. check… i shall ponder a bit more and get back to you

  3. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!! Maeve, please tell her I wish her good health, bountiful beauty and grand adventures for this "next chapter" in her life. Many Blessings ~Sarah Benton, Springdale WA