May 2018 Update

by Elizabeth Cunningham

All the Perils of this Night is complete! It is a stand-alone novel that can also be read in conjunction with Murder at the Rummage Sale, as it carries forward the story of the four principal characters. Unlike Murder at the Rummage Sale, which is a cozy domestic mystery (do read it!) All the Perils of This Night defies genre, combining elements of mystery, thriller, and fantasy. I will keep you posted on publication progress.

The 25th anniversary edition of my critically acclaimed novel (also a genre defier) The Wild Mother will be published in 2018.

For more regular contact with my work and me, do befriend Maeve Rhuad on FaceBook and/or like and follow Elizabeth Cunningham’s FaceBook author page. I post a quotation from one of my books every Tuesday.

As of just now, I am beginning work on my next novel. Too soon to say more, but I will, ahem, persist.

Wishing you all the best,


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